We have 2 Kuhn Orchard Sprayers for Disinfectant application. We prefer using Orchard Sprayers where possible for an even coverage, but we can also apply through a lance where needed

Disinfectant application is a vital step in reducing the microbial levels in the shed.

It is important to chose the right disinfectant to suit your site and needs. In the unfortunate event of a disease challenge to your site, it is vital disinfectants are used to combat the issue directly. For example, for a Coccidiosis challenge, a disinfectant is needed that will attack the cocci causing oocysts.

We can supply direct a range of disinfectants, and can recommend disinfectants to suit your specific needs. We keep stocks of:

  • Kilco Viroshield
  • Kilco Kilcox Extra
  • Kilco Cyclex
  • Kilco Virex
  • Kilco HPPA
  • Formalin
  • Ammonia