Water Line Cleaning

We can offer both chemical, and non chemical solutions to waterline cleaning. It is important lines are not overlooked, as water provides the quickest route for pathogens to spread through the shed where they will be ingested by the animal.

Chemical Solution: Kilco HPPA. This chemical is a 5% Peracetic Acid solution combined with Hydrogen Peroxide, to give a shock disinfection. For best practices, it should sit in the line for 3-6 hours and then flushed through thoroughly. For nipple line systems, nipples should be agitated when the solution is in the line, and then again after to flush through.

Non chemical solution: Heawat Machine. All the way from the Netherlands, the Heawat creates shockwaves inside the waterlines, by sending water and compressed air in intervals through the tubing. This generates a mechanic scrub on the inside of the tubing, removing biofilm and other contamination.