Pressure Washing

Along with standard washing through our regularly maintained, high pressure systems, we can offer a hot wash option for your sheds. Hot wash is a popular option when it comes to eradicating disease challenges from the site.

We have equipment (scissor lift, telehandler attachments) to allow us to safety clean the roof fans and other high up areas where requested.

Ideally, we like to foam up the sheds with a detergent to aid the removal of debris in the sheds. Using a detergent starts the process of lowering the microbial activity in the environment. The detergent is applied, and then left for 10-20 minutes before rinsing. We have small tractor mounted scrapers to remove excess stagnant water on the floor where needed.

Our chosen detergent is Kilco’s Ecofoam Advanced, which we keep in stock. Ecofoam Advanced is a high performance, long cling foam detergent effective for fat and protein removal on heavily soiled areas. It is also suitable for use with both hard and soft water.